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Datalog + SMT + FP

Formulog extends the logic programming language Datalog with mechanisms for constructing and reasoning about SMT formulas, plus some first-order functional programming. In doing so, it makes it possible to write a range of SMT-based static analyses in a way that is both close to their formal specifications and amenable to high-level optimizations and efficient evaluation.


Formulog: Datalog for SMT-Based Static Analysis (link)
Aaron Bembenek, Michael Greenberg, and Stephen Chong
This is the seminal Formulog paper, presenting the language design and providing three extended case studies of using Formulog: refinement type checking, bottom-up pointer analysis, and bounded symbolic execution.

Formulog: Datalog + SMT + FP (link)
Aaron Bembenek, Michael Greenberg, and Stephen Chong
Datalog 2.0 2022
This short paper presents Formulog to an audience already well versed in Datalog.

Datalog-Based Systems Can Use Incremental SMT Solving (link)
Aaron Bembenek, Michael Ballantyne, Michael Greenberg, and Nada Amin
ICLP 2020
This extended abstract evaluates some encoding tricks Formulog uses to take advantage of incremental SMT solving.

Citing Formulog

In most cases, you should cite the OOPSLA’20 Formulog paper:

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